People with pre-existing condition’s lives matter

People with pre-existing condition’s lives matter

Covid 19


We are all sick of Covid 19. Definitely not as sick of it as those who are still sick from it, or who have lost loved ones to it, but sick of it all the same. We are sick of feeling unsafe when someone stands too close. We are sick of masks. We are thirsty for pints and company. What I wouldn’t do for a proper night out. Zoom pints are great, but will never be the same.

Zoom Pints


There seems to be two general approaches to our sickness of Covid 19. There is the silent majority who understand that the risks are high, and live in genuine fear of either contracting it or worse still, giving it to someone else who might be less well able to fight it off. We live in a time where a moment’s carelessness could literally kill someone. Not something I’d like to add to my load of demons that call out in the dark.


Then there’s the growing number of keyboard ‘experts’ who litter every online story about Covid with ‘expert’ statements about why it’s no big deal. Life should go on. The more extreme elements shout ‘plandemic’ in the belief that Covid 19 is a scam. Some complex conspiracy aimed at taking control of their lives for some far fetched goal. You’d have to be fairly arrogant to believe you were so important that all this would be done just to hide your mug behind a mask.

Covid 19


Then there’s the more reasonable sounding people. They accept that Covid is real but say that normal life is more important. It’s only people with pre existing conditions who die, and sure they’d likely be dead soon anyway. Obese people seem to be acceptable losses too. Sure they’re unhealthy anyway, it’s their own fault, why should everybody else suffer from preventative measures to save old or unhealthy people? There’s a simple answer to that.


We live in a society. The whole point of a society is to improve our lot. We do a lot of thing as part of a society to protect and enrich each other. Our taxes pay for schools even though many people don’t have kids. They pay unemployment benefit (which should be higher) to people who are unable to find work. They fund our health service even though most people are not sick. Our taxes even pay for a fire service even though most people don’t need them at any given time. Living in a society, putting our resources and efforts together, makes all our lives better in countless ways.


Covid 19 protection measures are the same thing. As a group we have decided that everybody’s lives matter. This virus with no vaccine or definitive treatment is a threat to enough people that societal measures have been taken. While these measures are undoubtedly more invasive and difficult than most, they are in essence the same as paying tax, or stopping at a red light. We comply in the knowledge that something similar is and will be done in the future to protect us. I defy anyone who says that people with pre-existing condition’s lives aren’t important to repeat that when they are in the at risk group. If the next pandemic only effects selfish people they will be singing a very different tune.


Some are already singing a different tune. I’ve watched a number of news pieces recently on people who didn’t believe in Covid, or thought the risk was fine when it was for others, testifying that they now believe. Their tune has changed. One particular BBC interview stands out. An American man was recovering after being on a ventilator for some time. His wife had died. They had both disregarded Covid 19 safety measures and actively campaigned against them. They didn’t wear masks. They didn’t sanitise. One paid the ultimate price while the survivor lamented what they had done.


Hard to feel sorry for that guy. And yet I did. He lost his wife because he believed nonsense. Sure she would have died eventually anyway. We all will. The bit between now and then is important though. Priceless even. We undoubtedly have to learn to live with this virus, but not at any cost. I’ll survive without a night out, you can too.


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